Won a Gold Ribbon? 

•    An opportunity for exhibitors to exhibit the project they completed for their county fair (as well as up to 9 additional projects) at The Michigan State Fair AND be eligible to apply for up to (12) twelve $500 scholarships sponsored by the Michigan State Fair

How does it work?

•    Your county fair officials will award up to 12 Gold Ribbons to projects at their discretion

•    Each Gold Ribbon provides a youth with free entry into The Michigan State Fair over Labor Day Weekend for up to 10 projects

•    Gold Ribbon Winners redeem their free entry by returning the Gold Ribbon Certificate to the Michigan State Fair after completing the registration process for the Michigan State Fair. During check out of on line registration, simply click “pay later” and send in the certificate. If mailing in entries, include the certificate.

If you are interested in applying for one of the Scholarships, go to the tabs for Scholarships and fill out one of the forms and mail in or apply online

Fair entries and applications for scholarships are due no later than August 16 at 4:00PM (must be in the office by that date).

Fair winners after the entry deadline are eligible enter and apply for the 2020 Michigan State Fair

Remember: To be eligible for a Scholarship, you must exhibit at the fair AND apply for the Scholarship


Click on Fair book Entries/Deadlines

Click on Home Arts, Agriculture or Urban Agriculture to view categories 

Fill out entry form to enter your exhibits

 Attach your Gold Ribbon Certificate - Free to enter with the certificate (up to 10 entries)   

 Mail entries to the Michigan State Fair

Or enter on line and click “pay later” at check out and mail the gold ribbon certificate

to the Michigan State Fair

Why Show At The Michigan State Fair?

•    Connect with other young people  who are passionate about agriculture

•    Compete with the best in Michigan

•    Qualify for Scholarships

•    Participate in Michigan’s number one family event

•    Qualify to  participate in the Michigan State Fair Youth Council

Michigan State Fair Scholarship Program:


Based on:

• Placing of projects

• Scholarly Performance and application

• Letter of Recommendation Scholarships:


Youth compete for over 20 scholarships

To apply for a Scholarship

Click on Home Arts/Agriculture Scholarships

Fill out the online entry and submit by the entry deadline or download the paper entry and mail in by the entry deadline

For more information please contact:

Allie Purves

Rural Agriculture Ambassador



KeKe Griffin

Urban Agriculture Ambassador