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What is your COVID policy?

We ask those whom are unvaccinated to kindly wear a mask. It is suggested by the CDC to wear a mask indoors and or around large groups of people whether vaccinated or not.  


How long is the Michigan State Fair? What time does the State Fair open and close?
The Michigan State Fair will be open Thursday through Labor Day, Monday.

Hours of operation are as follows:

Thursday and Friday



Saturday and Sunday





(*Interior Livestock & Exhibition halls A, B, and C will close at 5 PM, Interior Vendor Hall will close at 7 PM, Exterior/Midway will remain open until 9PM)

Where is the Michigan State Fair? How do I get there?

The Michigan State Fair occurs in and on the grounds of the Suburban Collection Showplace in Novi. The address is 46100 Grand River Avenue. It is conveniently located off I-96 using either the Novi or Beck Road exits.


How much are tickets to the State Fair?

Michigan State Fair Ticket Pricing Options:

Ultimate Wristband - $30.00 

Includes Fair Entry, Unlimited Carnival Rides and Circus Performances

Fair Only Admission

Adult - $8.00

Children - $6.00

Includes entry into the Fair only --- NO CARNIVAL RIDES OR CIRCUS PERFORMANCES 

If you choose to purchase a fair only admission and would like to upgrade to the ultimate wristband (the Ultimate Wristband is the best value if you plan to ride multiple rides or attend multiple circus performances or partake in both activities)  

Children under 2 years of age are provided free admission to the Fair and Circus if accompanied by a paid adult.  Size regulations and restrictions apply regardless of age, and NO ONE IS ALLOWED TO RIDE RIDES FOR FREE.  Subject to height requirements and accompanying companion requirements, all riders of rides must have purchased individual ride tickets or have an Ultimate wristband.


These are the options available if you want to ride carnival rides or attend the circus:

You can upgrade your fair only admission armband at any time for $23.00 to an ultimate wristband that includes unlimited carnival rides and circus performances at any ticket box on the carnival midway.

Carnival Rides Only

Ticket booths will be located throughout the fairgrounds selling ride tickets for $1.25 per ticket or 22 tickets for $25.00.

Each carnival ride takes 3-4 tickets per person per ride. (or upgrade to an ultimate for $23.00 that includes unlimited carnival rides and circus performances) 

Circus Only

After purchasing a Fair Admission, Circus Upgrade Tickets will be available for sale for the Detroit Shrine Circus at the entrance to the circus tent for $17.00 for one ticket to one circus performance on the day of purchase.  Credit cards are accepted.  The circus will only sell one time entry tickets at the circus tent– If you would like to upgrade to the Ultimate Wristband you must purchase the Ultimate Wristband at the upgrade booths located on the carnival midway.

Are there any discounts?

Yes! From now until Midnight on August 31, use the discount code ‘EARLY2021’ to save $5.00, on the ultimate wristband online, buy your tickets here.

You can also purchase an ultimate wristband at your Metro Detroit Kroger store for $22 beginning August 4th. Kroger sales will be available through the end of the fair, but the special price is only available in-store, not at the box office or online.

Senior citizens (ages 62+) and military members with ID are admitted a FREE General Admission into the State Fair on Thursday.

How much is it to park at the State Fair? Where can I park? Can I ride my bicycle?
Upon entering the parking lot, there will be a $10 charge for on-site parking. Parking spots will be directed by the parking attendants as you enter. If you take up more than one spot you will be charged for that spot. During high occupancy and peak times, ancillary and overflow parking may be used. Shuttles will be roaming the parking lots taking guests from those overflow lots to the Entrance to the fair, and will pickup and return guests to their vehicles as well.

There is a bicycle rack located in front of the Diamond Center, near Hall C. Bicycles are not allowed past the entrance gates.


What if it rains? Do you offer refunds?

The Michigan State Fair does not offer refunds on ticket purchases. Please be aware of weather conditions before venturing out to the Fair and purchasing entry. As weather is beyond our control, we are unable to offer refunds due to the inclement weather.

Do you accept credit cards?

The Michigan State Fair along with the concession stands on the interior accepts cash, Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover Card. Credit cards are accepted at the Shrine Circus tent and at the upgrade/ticket booths on the Carnival Midway.

Can I leave the fair and come back on the same day?
Anyone who leaves the Fairgrounds and would like to return later must keep their wristband intact on their wrist, or they will have to pay the entrance fee upon return. In addition, your parking voucher that you receive upon paying for parking on initial entry can be used to waive your parking fee for a same-day return. Please note, the wristband is only good for the day it is issued. Each day of the Fair, a wristband with a different symbol, number or color will be used. If the fair-goer does not have the specific wristband that corresponds to the specifics of the day, then they will have to pay the admission fee. The Gate Supervisor will oversee this procedure. The Michigan State Fair reserves the right to inspect all bags, cartons, containers or coolers brought in or out of the facility at any time.


Where can I find the daily schedule?
There’s tons of stuff to do at the Michigan State Fair! Find the complete day-by-day schedule HERE. You can also find a schedule located on the maps that are distributed at the entrance to the fair.

What are the height requirements for rides?
Arnold Amusements partners with the Michigan State Fair to operate the rides on the carnival midway as well as inside the event hall. Please see HERE for a list of their rides and height restrictions. Note that some rides require a paid adult rider for children under a certain height. All children, regardless of age or height, must have an ultimate wristband or tickets to ride a ride. We recommend referring to this list prior to determining whether to purchase your small child an ultimate band or pay for rides individually.


Are wheelchairs, scooters, strollers or wagons available for rent at the Michigan State Fair?

Sorry, we do not have strollers or wagons available for rent. Scooters are able to be rented through Liberty Medical, please call Lori at 248-496-2751. The rental cost is $30.00. They are handling the entire program so patrons should reach out to them.

What hotel and lodging options are near the Michigan State Fair?

The Suburban Collection Showplace has an on-site hotel, the Hyatt Place Detroit/Novi. Based on availability, the hotel may have special rate all-inclusive packages available for fairgoers. Please contact the hotel directly at 248-513-4111.


Outside of the Hyatt Place, the Novi area has many other hotels off of both the Novi Road, Beck Road and Wixom Road exits from I-96 that provide comfortable lodging just minutes away from the Michigan State Fair.


What items are allowed at the Michigan State Fair?

  • Strollers/Wagons are permissible

  • Items for infants, babies and anything medically necessary is permitted but the Michigan State Fair reserves the right to inspect all bags, cartons, containers or coolers being brought into or out of the facility at all times.

  • Cameras and selfie sticks are allowed.

  • Unless credentialed through the Michigan State Fair PR representatives, please no larger lens cameras or tripods.


What items are NOT allowed at the Michigan State Fair?

  • No outside food or beverage is allowed within the Fairgrounds.

  • Outside alcohol is strictly prohibited from being brought into the Michigan State Fair.

  • Pets are NOT allowed. However, a service animal is permitted for individuals with a disability. Under the ADA, a service animal is defined as a dog that has been individually trained to do work or perform tasks for an individual with a disability. The task(s) performed by the dog must be directly related to the person’s disability. All service animals must remain on a leash or harness and may not be left unattended. Service animal behavior is the responsibility of the owner and you will be asked to leave the Fair if their behavior becomes a threat to the safety of another guest or employee.

  • Bull horns, air horns, megaphones, and similar items are NOT allowed. Please leave these items at home or in your vehicle prior to entering the fairgrounds. Use of these items on the fairgrounds is strictly prohibited and will result in the item being confiscated and could result in you being removed from the Fair.

  • Large signs or props are NOT allowed. Please leave them at home or in your vehicle prior to entering the fairgrounds. Use of these items on the fairgrounds will result in confiscation of related materials and could result in you being removed from the Fair.

  • Unless a credentialed member of the media, drones, quad-copters or any other type of remote controlled craft are NOT allowed.

  • Weapons of any kind. Please help us keep the Michigan State Fair safe and fun for all. No weapons are allowed on the fairgrounds. This includes guns, knives, tasers, and pocket knives.

Where is the designated smoking area at the Michigan State Fair?   

In an effort to create a healthier environment for everyone at the Michigan State Fair, the Fair has been designated as a smoke free Fairground. We kindly ask your cooperation by not smoking anywhere on the fairground and midway or within the exhibition halls, including the restrooms.


What kind of food is served at the Michigan State Fair?    

The fair offers several full-service concessions stands located throughout the interior exhibition halls featuring a variety of food options from healthy salads, wraps and sandwiches to pizza, burgers, ice cream and popcorn. Outside, the carnival midway features much of the “fair food” that longtime fair-goers are accustomed to seeing. Beer, wine and mixed drinks are also served in the Celebration Beer Tent.


Do you have ATM’s on site?      

Yes. There are ATM’s located in the concourse hall/entryway as well as in several locations on the carnival midway.


Where are there information booths during the fair? 

You can find information booths located in the concourse before entry as well as inside the interior exhibition halls. If you need information/directions/assistance we also encourage you to speak with our yellow-shirted Michigan State Fair volunteers or other uniformed Fair personnel.

Where are lost items claimed? 

For assistance with a lost item, please visit the Fair Office/Guest Relations in Hall B (open whenever the interior hall is open).


Where can I share a comment or suggestion?   

Please email

During the fair, feel free to stop by our Fair Office/Guest Relations in Hall B (open whenever the interior hall is open). 


I’m interested in becoming a vendor at the Michigan State Fair. Can you give me some more information on that?       

Please see our vendor/exhibitor page HERE.


Need something else?

Call our fair information line at 248-348-6942.