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Nearly 500 volunteers help make the Michigan State Fair a great success yearly!


We are grateful for all of the many volunteers who shared their time and talent with us. Our volunteers join us from all walks of life, a broad array of communities and organizations from across the State!  The Suburban Collection Showplace was filled with blinding fluorescent yellow t-shirts bustling everywhere. Volunteers performed every imaginable Fair function, to waving crowds over to enjoy a contest at the Pepsi Contest Central Stage, or to enjoy a unique performance at the Community and Cultural Stage. They worked at the Shrine Circus, answered questions at the State Fair information booths—and also provided assistance at multiple general information booths. The Fair volunteers are truly the shining face of the Fair, and their smiles were mirrored by the smiles of our fair-goers, as they graciously thanked Michigan State Fair staff and volunteers for working so hard to keep a Michigan tradition alive. When you volunteer, it means you give of yourself without condition and with heartfelt devotion. Our devoted volunteers were a reflection of compassion and unselfish caring, working tirelessly throughout the Fair weekend to help bring back an event that Michigan so well deserves. We are so grateful for our new family of volunteers and look forward to growing participation in years to come. There is no “I” in Team, but we are so thankful there is a “U” in Volunteer!


If you are interested in sharing your valuable time, energy, and enthusiasm during Labor Day weekend, your dedication will greatly contribute to the success of this event! As an added benefit volunteers will receive a T-shirt and the ability to enjoy the fair with an ultimate wristband after their shift. 



Riley Stechschulte

Volunteers & Operations Coordinator

248-348-5600 x246

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