Establishing the vision and direction of an important community event, such as The Michigan State Fair, could never be accomplished without the support and participation of many valued volunteers. A dedicated and talented core group of individuals continue to provide the heart and guidance for the Michigan State Fair. Our deepest gratitude and thanks go out to our Steering Committee, because of their help and dedication we are able to create a multi-faceted event that the entire community can and does enjoy!

John Almstadt, Oakland County

Dean Angott, CF Burger Creamery

Michael Antaran, Carrott Pass App

Tom Arnold, Arnold Amusements

Pete Auger, City of Novi

Dr. Mike Balon, Entertainment Committee

Barbara Barratt, Flagstar Bank

Jim Betts, Urban Scholarship Committee

Sue Bila, Michigan Festival and Events Association

Amanda Blake, Michigan State Fair Volunteers & Show Office Coordinator

Barbara Bowman, Volunteer

Blair Bowman, Michigan State Fair Manager

Blair Bowman Jr., Michigan State Fair Operations Manager

Bob Bowman, Michigan State Fair Operations Manager

Kimberle Bowman, Michigan State Fair Volunteer

McKenzie Bowman, Michigan State Fair Operations Manager

Deb Chapman, Chapman Sheep Farm Mark Chapman,

Superintendents Sheep Nadine Cook, Ascension Providence

Dave Coon, Superintendents Goat

Linda Coon, Superintendents Goat

Beth Correa, Flagstar Bank

Hugh Crawford, Senior Citizens’ Program Committee

Kathy Crawford, Senior Citizens’ Program Committee

Bob Cummings, State Fair Historian

Arlene DeForest, Milking Cow

Carrie Delong, Superintendents Dairy

Rennia Dombrowski, Friends of the Fair Committee Member/Volunteer

Sandy Dorey, Oakland County Parks & Recreation, Senior Citizens’ Program Committee

Joey Evans, Arnold Amusements

Julie Farkas, City of Novi

Elisa Fixler, Studio B; Entertainment Committee

Tony Fontan, Epoch Hospitality Group

Jennifer Frohriep, Pepsi

Alexis Fryatt, Michigan State Fair Show Office Coordinator

Greg Garland, DTE Energy

Bob Gatt, City of Novi

Jeff Geske, Detroit Shriners

Jim Gotts, Detroit Shriners

Sue Grover, Livestock Office & Entries Coordinator

Michiael Harris, PVA

Marsha Harwood, Home Arts Director

Kreg Hasse, Leisure Works Mark Heber, RAM Trucks

Jerry Ann Hebron, Oakland Avenue Farm; Urban Scholarship Committee

Paul Hess, Epoch Hospitality Group

Shendy Hopkins, Flagstar Bank

Rachel Hurst, Kroger Jessica Iloff, Blue Care Network

Jill Jack, Dream Big Inc.; Superstar Mentor

Dan Jankowski, ITC

Alan Jaros, Director, Charles L. Bowers School Farm

Ruth Ann Jirasek, Entertainment Committee

Steve Karakula, Art Craft Display

Joe Kish, Detroit Shriners

Kristine Konesco, Superintendent Poultry

Mike Kowall, Senator Ed Kramer, Lions Club

Kevin Lawrence, Volunteer

Carrie Lindemyer, Ascension Providence

John Martin, Novi Fire Department

Steve Masters, Michigan State Fair Executive Director

Ken McClure, Kroger

Greg McGuire, Guernsey Farms Dairy

Kim McGuire, Guernsey Farms Dairy

Marty McGuire, Guernsey Farm Dairy

Jackie McMahon, Michigan State Fair Operations & Vendor Manager | Graphic|Web Design

John Minnis, MSF Volunteer

Emily Moir, Michigan State Fair Operations Intern

Judy Moore, Home Arts Director

Sue Moore, Suburban Collection Showplace

Deb Morgan, MSU Extension

Kim Morrow, Art Craft Display

Chris Moynihan, Art Craft Display

Mike Murray, Carrot Pass App

John Nagoda, Detroit Shriners

John Nelson, Novi Police Department

Frank Novak, Michigan State Fair Marketing Director

Lynn O’Brien, Director of District Affairs for Senator Kowall

Nadir Omowale, Superstar Mentor

Colleen Ortman, Guernsey Farms Dairy

Ritsa Papakonstantinou, Great Lakes Business Center, RAM Trucks

Lisa Partogian, Volunteer Committee

Mark Partogian, 5K Committee

Shari Peters, Volunteer Willis Plank, Superintendent Rabbits and Wool

Rob Reid, Livestock Committee Member

Sarah Ressler, Oakland County Fair

Jack Riley, Friends of the Fair Committee Member/5K Committee/Volunteer

Kent Roberts, Urban Scholarship Committee

Ken Roberts, Camping

Laura Rochow, Michigan State Fair Box Office Manager 

Elise Salerno, Blue Care Network

Shamin Sanders, Hyatt Place Detroit Novi

Mav Sanghvi, Entertainment Committee

Deb Schmucker, Michigan Farm Bureau

LC Scramlin, Directors of Livestock

LC Scramlin, Directors; Agriculture, Livestock, & Home Arts

Matt Scramlin, Sheep Shearing Demonstrator

Walter Slan, Michigan State Fair Volunteer

Judy Smith, Superintendents Swine

Ray Smith, Superintendents Swine

Dan Stencil, Oakland County Parks & Recreation

Craig Stigleman, Detroit Shriners, General RV

Cal Stone, 2 Stones Events; Entertainment Committee

Whitney Stone, 2 Stones Events; Entertainment Committee

Jessica Summer, Pepsi

Eric Suppes, Universal McCann – Great Lakes Business Center, RAM Trucks

Ed Sweet, Hyatt Place Detroit Novi

Aaron Taylor, Hyatt Place Detroit Novi

Jim Tesen, Senior Citizens’ Program Committee

Mark Theisen, Novi Fire Department – Captain

David Underwood, DTE Energy

Sue Wells, Oakland County Parks & Rec

Steve Williams, Livingston County Farm Bureau

Debbie Wrobel, Volunteer & Senior Citizens’ Program Committee

Tarzan Zerbini, Shrine Circus

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