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Judging starts at 9:30 AM

Style show is at 2:00 PM

Who can enter?

Preteen: Ages 12 and under

Juniors: Ages 13-16

Seniors: Ages 17-24

Adults: Ages 25 and older (as of January)

Made for others: Any age


Preteen, Junior, Senior, and adult contestants must select, construct and model their own garments. Made for others entries will be modeled by their intended wearer.

What can I enter?

Entries may be sewn, knitted, crocheted, woven or felted and must contain a minimum of 60% wool fiber. 


Juniors, Seniors, Adults and Made for Others:


One piece garment: dress, jumper, outerwear, jacket, coat or cape.

Two Piece garment: coat, jacket, cape, blouse/shirt, vest, sweater with dress jumper, skirt, pants or shorts

Ensemble: (three or more garments worn together at one time) coat, jacket, cape, blouse/shirt, vest, and/or sweater with dress, jumper, skirt, pants or shorts.


Note: Reenactment garments cannot advance to the national contest 


Preteens may enter: dress, jumper, skirt, pants, shorts, sweater, blouse/shirt, jacket, or combination of garments. 

What are the judging criteria?

Judging is based on the appropriateness to contestant's lifestyle, coordination of fabric/yarn with garment style and design, contestant's presentation, construction quality, and creativity, 50% fashion, fit, and creativity, 40% construction and 10% marketability. Judging is private and decisions are final.

What fabrics or yarns can I use?

100% wool or wool blend (minimum 60% wool or specialty wool fiber) for each fashion fabric or yarn used. Specialty wool fibers include: mohair, cashmere, alpaca, camel, llama, and vicuna. The entire garment body (back, front and sleeves) must be wool or wool blend fabric. Trims, facings, linings, interfacings and underlining's may be fabrics other than wool or wool blends. 


To be eligible, a garment must have been completed after January, 1

How can I enter?

You must participate in the state where you live or attend school. You must register for both the National and State contest. Complete and mail entry forms as directed with non-refundable $12.00 fee to each. Attach a 5"5" sample of each wool or wool blend fabric or knitted, crocheted or woven swatch to each entry form.


Cindy Reisig 

Make it with Wool Entry Coordinator

Judy Moore

Home Arts Director



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