Interior Exhibition Hall Vendors

Exhibiting your goods or services at the Michigan State Fair provides an excellent marketing opportunity to more than 151,000 guests each year. We are seeking the highest caliber, most unique goods or services that will enhance the commercial quality and variety of our Fair. We are a unique mix of shopping, live entertainment, educational venues, food, livestock and creative arts competitions.

Why Exhibit/Vend at the Michigan State Fair?


The State Fair provides the opportunity to reach millions of people of diverse ages, ethnicity, and interests. We have approximately 215,000 square feet of indoor space allocated for promoting and selling products or services.


10 Reasons to rent exhibit space at the

 Michigan State Fair:


#10 Direct Retail Sales
#9 Build valuable mailing lists
#8 Teach and demonstrate the benefits of your products
#7 Get samples direct into the hands of our Fair-goers
#6 Promote deals in coordination with local retailers of your product line
#5 Build brand awareness and increase product sales and awareness
#4 Develop leads for sales follow ups
#3 Drive in-store traffic
#2 Acquire market research from questionnaires or contest entry forms
The #1 reason to be a part of the Michigan State Fair is all of the Media.

If interested in exhibiting at the upcoming Michigan State Fair, it is recommended to complete applications as quickly as possible.



To become an Interior Exhibition Hall Vendor at the Michigan State Fair we need you to either Download and send the application with non-refundable deposit by email, fax or direct mail, we will then review your application and if you are accepted you will receive a contract and how to pay for your space.


If interested in exhibiting at the upcoming Michigan State Fair, it is recommended to complete applications as quickly as possible.

If you are selling food (ex: sandwiches, corn dogs, ice cream, snow cones, lemonade etc..) You are considered a Food Vendor. If you are just product sampling please use the applications below. If you are a Food Vendor will need to fill out the application by clicking here.

We are thrilled to inform you we have opened vendor registration for this year's Michigan State Fair! Moving forward we will be using for our registration and communication platform. This will make signing up for our events easier and keeps all your information stored in one place! It is free to sign up with a Marketer account. You can also contact Eventhub for assistance with any account or platform-related questions at

Applications will go live mid February!
Thank you 
For more information please contact:


Jackie McMahon

Vendor Manager

248-348-5600 x208

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