Decorator Competition

Located in the Home Arts Area

This is your chance to show your craft skills by creating a decorative item. 

Prizes sponsored  by Guernsey Farm Dairy & Kroger

 •   No pre-entering
•    Friday, August 30th 2:00 PM
•    Contestants will receive a straw hat furnished by the Home Arts Department
•    Contestants will receive a bag of items for decorating the hats
•    All bags contain the same items
•    Contestants will have 45 minutes to complete their hat
•    The decorated hats will be property of the Michigan State Fair
•    Age groups for judging:  6 thru 12, 13 thru 20, adults 21 & over
•    There will be prizes for all age groups!

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For more information please contact:

Judy Moore or Marsha Harwood

Home Arts & Crafts Manager


Creative Arts Contest


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