Sign up for our contests at the fair, at the Pepsi Contest Central Stage. We have limited spots per contest so sign up quick! 

Junk in the Trunk

Face the Cookie

Donut on a String Eating

Bubblegum Bubble Blowing

Milk Mustache

Corn on the Cob Eating

Carrot Drop

Watermelon Seed Spitting

Pie Eating

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Egg Toss

Unthaw a Frozen T-Shirt

Hot Dog Eating

Hula Hoop

Ice Cream Eating

Mother/Daughter & Father/Son Look Alike

Oreo Stacking

Pasta Eating

Twins, Triplets, Oh My!

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Got game? Bring it when you come to the Fair! The tradition of friendly, comical and even sometimes ridiculous contests is alive and kicking at the Michigan State Fair. Visit Contest Central and watch or enter contests such as the Diaper Derby, Watermelon Seed Spitting, Hot dog, Corn-on-the-cob and Pie eating contests, just to name a few.


Contest Central at the Michigan State Fair is a place to have silly fun and make memories…Who doesn’t want to be related to the Pie Eating Champion of the State Fair or any of our other contest winners?



Time | Game

1:30 - Egg Toss

2:30 - Ice Cream Eating

3:30 - That’s a Wrap

4:30 - Junk in the Trunk

5:30 - Hula Hoop

6:30 - Corn on the Cob Eating



Time | Game

12:00 - Bubblegum Blowing

1:00 - Frozen T-shirt

2:00 - Hot Dog Eating

3:00 - Hula Hoop

4:00 - Milk Mustache

5:00 - Carrot Drop

6:00 - Pie Eating



Time | Game

12:00 - Ice Cream Eating

1:00 - Frozen T-shirt

2:00 - Pasta Eating

3:00 - Egg Toss

4:00 - Hot Dog Eating

5:00 - Mother/Daughter and Father/Son Look-A-Like

6:00 - Donut on a String



Time | Game

12:00 - Oreo Stacking

1:00 - Pasta Eating

2:00 - Frozen T-shirt

3:00 - Watermelon Seed Spitting

4:00 - Face the Cookie

5:00 - Junk in the Trunk

6:00 - Donut on a String


Time | Game

12:00 - Carrot Drop

1:00 - Milk Mustache

2:00 - Pie Eating

3:00 - Face the Cookie

4:00 - Twins, Triplets, Oh My!

5:00 - Corn on the Cob

 Contests subject to change up until event date, check back for the most up to date schedule.