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How do I make a reservation?

From the website, apply online by clicking the camping application button above. Then fill out the form and you will be notified of your acceptance, followed by a payment request. 


What is the cancellation policy?

No refunds will be given on reservations after August 15.


What is the cost?

The cost is $165.00 and is on a first come, first serve basis - space is assigned upon arrival. Acceptable payment methods: Credit Card, cash, check or money order.  One vehicle permitted with each permit.


What utility services are available?

There are limited electrical and water services available on site.  There are NO sewage services for dumping on site, no water for camper hook up, no gray water disposal facilities, and only 20 amp electrical watt is available. It is illegal to dump sewage or gray water on to the ground so please be sure that your unit has adequate holding capacity. 


Does the camping fee cover admission to the Fair?



Can I bring a pet with me?

Cats and Dogs are allowed in the campground only, but must be kept on a leash. Please clean up after your pet and dispose of pet waste properly.  Guide dogs are the only animals permitted throughout the Fair.


Are campfires permitted?

No. Open flames are not permitted. However, grills are approved.


Do you allow tent camping?



Is WiFi Service available?

Not in the campground area.  WiFi services are available inside the Suburban Collection Showplace for a daily charge.


Do you have cable service?



Do you allow horse trailers with living quarters to camp?



How do I get electricity?

The campground coordinator will direct you to electric when you check in to park your unit.


Are there shower facilities?



Is there transportation into the Fair from the campgrounds?



What number can I call for further information/clarification?





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