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The Michigan Mega Jam joyfully honors the state's diverse musical legacy each year with a sparkling multi-genre all-star cast. Utilizing a stellar all-star house band, the Mega Jam cast performs both original songs and classics by favorite Michigan artists and songwriters, spanning various genres from Motown to Rock to Gospel and beyond.


Host and producer Jill Jack states “Michigan truly has such a uniquely diverse musical heritage and an incredibly talented music community, and here at home, we tend to take this for granted. Choose any genre. From rock to hip hop, to jazz, to soul, country and techno, Michigan boasts so many powerful artists, it's nearly impossible to name them all. Our annual mission is to honor and celebrate an array of these legendary artists, and songwriters, through the decades, and also show off some of the best current artists the state has to offer. These same performers also happen to be widely regarded as some of the most talented in the world in their respective genres."


Who will take part in this year’s Mega Jam? 

Tino Gross (Funk)
Tosha Owens (Blues)
Trey Simon (Gospel/R&B)
Marbrisa (World)
Jim McCarty (Blues)
Sky Covington (Jazz)
Jill Jack (Americana) MC host

House Band
James Simonson -Bass and Music Director
Dale Grisa - Keys
Ron Pangborn- Drums
Brett Lucas - Guitar"