Space Rental

All applications are accepted and then reviewed by our team, once reviewed we will contact you upon approval. Once approved, you will be sent an agreement and then you will need to make a payment for your space.

Indoor spaces



Outdoor spaces are for NON-FOOD Vendors only! Outdoor is very limited and NOT guaranteed and locations vary. If you apply for outdoor space you may receive an email encouraging you to apply for indoor space. A 10x10 minimum space requirement to be considered for outdoor space.

Exhibiting your goods or services indoors puts you in the heart of a unique mix of shopping, live entertainment, educational venues, food, livestock and creative arts competitions. In an air conditioned weather proof location.

Outdoor spaces



If you are selling food (ex: sandwiches, corn dogs, ice cream, snow cones, lemonade etc..) You are considered a Food Vendor. If you are just product sampling please use the above applications. If you are a Food vendors will need to fill out the application by clicking the image below.

Please note, all spaces indoor and outdoor do not include electricty or internet and the forms for these additional services are below. 

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